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To celebrate the spookiest holiday, my publisher has put Exacting Essence on sale for just 99 cents this week. Get all the evil clowns and dark nightmares you crave for less than the price of a burger and have a fabulous Halloween!

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If you want something short and scary for your fright night, I have a free story on-line for you called Fatty-Goth.

Also, I just finished a great podcast interview with Kori Miller. You can hear it now on Back Porch Writer.

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Strings by G. Miki Hayden

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Robert, an ordinary boy, finds himself in a newly chaotic world. Buildings move when and where they please, and time jumps around according to no known laws of physics. For Robert, getting to his regular school in the morning is next to impossible. As for getting home…

But then, Holden—a boy he and his friend, Nila, meet in a cave—offers them a string. No, not twine, but a string of the kind that forms the universe. Teeny and tiny, and invisible to the naked eye, this string will take Robert and Mila to their homes and way, way beyond…

Accompanied by a memorable cast of characters, Robert and his friends follow the string on a journey across time, space, and dimensions to discover the answer to a mystery: Who has caused the world to fall apart?

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MW 2.900

The author, G. Miki Hayden, strongly believes in alternate universes and has written about them in her adult novels Pacific Empire (which won a New York Times rave) and New Pacific.

“Nothing in time-space is fixed,” Miki says, a distant look in her eyes.

Miki won an Edgar for an historical crime story and has a couple of writing books in print.

At the moment, she generally lives with millions of other people in New York City in a three-dimensional, temporal world but is exploring other realms.

Find G. Miki Hayden online.

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Thanks, Amazon!

Amazon E-mail Cropped

This morning I woke up to the most thrilling e-mail. Most of what Amazon sends me is junk. However, This one didn’t upset me. I remember when my first book came out a couple years ago. The arrival of the e-mail suggesting my own book to me was a rite of passage, a coming of authorial age. This one felt even better. All my books on the top, and most of my anthologies below, it was like a strange kind of stalker-ish love letter.

I’m not sure why they don’t filter out the ones I’ve already bought through them. It’s like the kindle app on my tablet, recommending books I currently have in on the device. But I forgive them because it’s so pretty.

They even gave me a cool author page.

I know they generated this e-mail based on the books I’ve looked up on their site. I wish they’d send it to somebody besides me. ;) For normal readers it’s an attempt to put the same image and words in front of them multiple times so they are more likely to buy. Yet in this instance it’s more of a snapshot of so much blood and tears. (I don’t really sweat when I’m writing.)

I know there are a lot of people who hate Amazon because it’s the horseman of the book apocalypse come to reign doom down on all the order and control of the big-6 publishing monopoly. I think I will cast my vote on the other side of the fight. Amazon just made it possible for every voice to get into the arena. The best will still win the gladiation. So today, I’m just saying thanks.

I doubt their multi-billion dollar corporation will notice, but in this one author’s life, the changes they enacted have made all the difference.

Salvation Blog Tour

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It’s my turn! I’m pretty sure everybody following this blog has heard about my books. If not, go check out the amazing posts on this blog tour, or just go buy the book!

If you like the Fall into Fantasy blog tour, you can still sign up and join it. We will be having a huge Facebook Party at the end on December 12, to which you are all invited.

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Author Interview: Mara Valdarran

I whipped up some interview questions for Mara. Rather than do the usual bit about inspiration and what’s in the books, I thought I’d ask her some real questions. Here’s what she had to say.

1) Why do you think war is so often a theme in books?

Oh, good question! Wars are such strong conflicts, so I think it is easy to turn to that as a plot point. But I also think wars are very representative of struggles we all face. It isn’t always about armies and violence–sometimes the battles we encounter are more internal or subtle than that, but wars are a good symbol for those battles and the ripple effect our choices have. In Heirs of War, there’s been a sort of cold war brewing between the rebel Cahirans and the Duillaine for a long time, but the thing is–neither side is right. You can think you are making the right choices, but it isn’t until you are face to face with the consequences that you find out whether or not you were correct. It’s easy to identify with that type of struggle, even if it is on a smaller scale in your actual life. But sometimes those choices can feel so big that they are life or death, even if they aren’t. And I think that’s what moves people with these books that have wars as a central conflict or plot point. You can identify with Katniss as a reluctant hero, because stepping up and making the call isn’t necessarily something you might want to do. But when you are backed into a corner, much like she was, and you can see how you can effect changes that might be necessary, will you be brave enough to do it? Will you be your own Mockingjay? I think that’s how we are able to relate, as readers, to these characters and their struggles.

Do you think authors should stick to writing what they know or write what they love?

I’m never an advocate of sticking to writing what you know. That’s what the imagination is for, in my opinion. I’ve never had magic or been to a magical world like Zelene in Heirs of War, and I’ve never had a seizure or woken up in another reality like Madeline in Altar of Reality, but I still write about them. There are parts of me–things that I do know–in those books, but I don’t think we should limit ourselves to what we know. That’s also the beauty of knowledge–there’s always room for more. So if I decide I want to write about astronauts, I can learn about them as best I can. And while I’m writing that astronaut character, I get to live that experience on some small level, which is one of the most fascinating things about writing fiction for me.

What does magic in a book tell us about the author? What does it tell us about the readers?

I think it tells us that we believe in the impossible. We dream big, and we view things through the type of lens that allows us to see so much more than is right before our eyes. As both readers and writers, I think it says that we want to experience more than life might offer us at the moment, but that we will never stop hoping that it gives us more.

If you knew your next book would FOR SURE be read by ten million readers, what message would you put in it?

Oof. That’s a hard one. I don’t think I would want to know that my book would be read by ten million readers. Too much pressure! :) When I write, it isn’t because I have a particular theme or message in mind. I created racial tensions in Heirs of War without realizing it. I wanted to show these people who look the same hating each other because of unseen differences. It’s far too easy to look at someone or look at their culture and judge them, or think your way is better. I think it is something we are all guilty of in some way, but I didn’t put it in there to be preachy. Just as an observation. Do I hope it speaks to people? Sure, but that’s after the fact.

I will say that one of the most likely messages would be about how powerful love is. It can be a weapon, a tool, a motivator–it all depends on the person. It can be the element of a character’s destruction or their path to salvation. (Not to get all geeky on you, but that’s one of the things I find fascinating about Ward on Agents of S.H.I.E.LD. It’s already been an element of destruction for him, but can it redeem him now? Hmm….) There are light and dark sides to love, happiness and hurt. I love exploring it all and seeing just how strong it can be in each character and why.

The NA fantasy series, Heirs of War has taken Wattpad by storm with over one million reads, and the second installment has arrived. Get Heirs of War #1 for just 99 cents now!


Draconic King Interior Art

Draconic King

I love this interior art for my short story, Draconic King, by the talented Ricky Gunawan. He did the one for Cyber Cowboy, too. Every time he makes art for my stories, I want to get them done as a tattoo! I love that CQ does art for each story, too.

This anthology, Primetime: Chronology, is due out November 24. It includes a short story by the amazing Piers Anthony! You won’t want to miss that one. In the meantime, you can get my latest short story on Amazon now. I rendered the art for every story in it. :)

Review: Maladaptive Blind by Sarah Seeley

Mal Bind

Angela Thornley doesn’t know why she’s still alive. When park rangers found her, she couldn’t speak or move, let alone remember what the serial killer, “The Man,” did to her and her husband before he buried them alive. At least, not until she hears the social workers talk about putting her five-year-old son, Blake, in a foster home and she feels his little fingers slip from her hand.

Determined to function so she can protect and care for her son, Angela works hard to unlock and heal the dark memories of her kidnapping buried deep in her subconscious. But her journey leads to unsettling discoveries about the darkness she harbors in her own soul. Due to an unknown combination of genetic and traumatic triggers, Angela is beginning a rapid, painful transformation. The anger that kept Angela alive is also driving her to dangerous thoughts of retribution on the man that killed her husband and broke her spirit.

Soon, Angela begins attacking innocent victims she believes are “The Man.” As she struggles to cope with her transformation, she must determine how far she is willing to go to protect her son and avenge her wounded psyche before she becomes the very sort of monster that bit her.

My Review:

So, have you ever met a sweet looking author who is very kind and a little shy, then you read her book and it is the most twisted and dark horror you’ve ever experienced? Yeah, that.

Sarah and I have been on panels together at several conventions, most recently the Vampires panel at Salt Lake Comic Con. I’m always interested in a new take on an old classic and I found the title to be exceptionally intriguing, so I got her book. For Halloween I pulled it out. Whoa! Talk about a mind-pretzel. Seeley doesn’t hold back. Her monsters go all the way to the end of the psychotic spectrum. Measured against a religious ruler, I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading. I sure couldn’t put it down. Now I can’t stop wondering… can she do it again in her next book?

Get Maladaptive Blind by Sarah E. Seeley.