The Calm Before a Storm

I have never had writer’s block in my life. At this moment I have five books that I want to write. (If somebody were to publish one of the books in my resume I would be more than happy to move one of those sequels to the front of the cue.) In the meantime I decided to write the cross-genre story next. But I’m dragging my feet. I guess what I would say is that I’m in a lull.

I think this lull comes from being too obsessive. Once I start a book, I tend to plow forward like a train. After I finish the back-ground work (which I am doing more and more of with each book) it takes me an hour to write the first page. Then a few hours to finish the first chapter. With each passing chapter I build up momentum until I finally come to a screeching halt at the end. But it’s so much work to get that train moving… and I keep adding more and more cars on with each book I write. So I’m just sitting around, inspecting the track and the dials, enjoying the calm before the storm.

I think I’ll go write a short story.


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