The Anti-Muse

An amusing anecdote about muses. I spent some time looking for my muse, only to discover mine is the worst kind. I’m one of those people who is their own worst enemy. (Speaking of which, I wrote a book about that called Elsewise.) I can’t trust my muse. It constantly leads me off in wrong directions. Like the roadrunner, it continually thwarts my best creativity. But each failure is another lesson learned. And while I may never catch that stupid bird, my coyote contraptions keep getting bigger and more amazing. And maybe, after years of doing battle, my anti-muse will have mistakenly led me to something awesome.

Time to order more ACME anvils.

On a related note, what is your muse? Not everyone is driven by a manic obsession. Perhaps that explains why there are so many people out there who just write one book. I somehow doubt the inspiration for best selling authors is much different than it is for mid-listers or self published authors. But something seems to change in the work of authors that break out. I would like to find out first hand, of course. But failing that I suspect knowing you have a very broad audience would add voice to your muse. They would become a kind of collective that helps drive the work.

I’m obviously not yet in a position to, “give the people what they want.” But if the people already wanted what I was giving, it would be a whole new force pushing me forward. At least I speculate it would.


One thought on “The Anti-Muse

  1. I think this is me in a way. I’ve always got ideas for stories, but I don’t have follow through. Guess I’m a big idea man, not a scene or sentence man.

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