The Natural Order?

I have recently been wondering if it’s better to have one book published at a time or several to start big. So far I only have one book under contract. But I have a second under consideration and one that I think will need to be self published. (I have two that would amazing interactive books, but as usual it’s hard to find a programmer that will work for what I can afford to pay.)

It’s traditional for writers to put out about a book a year, I think. And they publicize that book while working on the next one. It give readers time to read it and spread the word if they are going to. And it takes that long to write and rewrite the next book.

But what would be the downside to having several books all come out in the first year? Assuming an author was at a book signing, he or she could have all those books there for people to choose from. Does that diminish the total number sold? On the plus side, if they like one, there are other books for them to get and read right away. It feels like it would be more productive because the author could publicize the books and hopefully tap into a broader audience instead of a narrow one.

I don’t know the answer. My instincts tell me to try to get a few books out there. But that’s not normally done. So maybe somebody can help me with this. Does anybody know a reason why I should only put out one book a year?


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