Record Short Story Response Time

In the wake of yesterday’s Olympic record reference, I had a new one today.  I submitted a manuscript electronically on October 5, 2011.  Today, August 10, 2011, they  sent me a rejection.  TEN MONTHS!  I won’t put their name here.  But I told them it was an exclusive submission.  And it was for three months.  Then I assumed they just weren’t going to respond.  I submitted it to a couple of places.  Since then it has been accepted and printed.  It’s the first story I ever got paid for (Sheriff Anderson’s Steam Deputies) and it’s available now at in Science Fiction Trails #8.

While this is a record long response for a short story for me, it’s not the longest for a book.  Baen clearly states they take a year to respond to submissions.  And I can tell you, they mean it.

Anybody had longer response times than that?


2 thoughts on “Record Short Story Response Time

  1. Hi James: I use a chart to track the (lack of) responses to queries for my novel, ‘The Alliance’ and assume after three months it’s a ‘no’. My short stories are written mostly for entertainment and posted on my blog, The plan is for a collection one day, but you’ve given me a prod, why not submit them for $. Thanks.

    • I have gotten a better response to my novel submissions after getting some short stories published. Stephen King recommended that writers start with some short stories in his book, “On Writing,” and in my case it seems to be true. So I would recommend it. I found some good places via Duotrope.

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