Book Cover Quandry

What kind of covers do you like better? The two general categories for this discussion are “detailed” and “high concept.”. The reason I ask is because I have to suggest one of those to my publisher for Theocracide. Detailed covers are usually painted or digitally altered photos. They have characters and a lot going on. They are traditional on sci-fi books and look good in print. High concept art covers usually have only one key picture or idea. High concept is becoming more common because they draw the eye better in a line up of thumbnail sized pictures. Since a lot of sales these days are e-books, there is some advantage to it.

So what should I pick? I really like the detailed covers better. I think it fits the story, too. But if I am competing in an over saturated on-line market, should I go for a single, easily identifiable at small size, image?


2 thoughts on “Book Cover Quandry

  1. BOTH!

    Use the detailed, real pic for the print and the high concept pic for the ebook. Don’t know if they would go for that, but it would be the best of both worlds. Of course, on the flip side, that might confuse some people. Oh well. You’ve got a decision to make. Hope I didn’t just give you a hopeless third choice.

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