Super Villain Seeking Minions. Inquire Within.

Dark Brain, master of hypnosis, is now seeking Darklings to serve as minions, henchmen, and thugs in his quest to conquer Curiosity Quills Press and then the literary world. Hypnotically gifted, maniacally mental, and neurotic rhymers preferred. Textese addicts need not apply.

The benefits package includes free training in cunning infiltration techniques which will guarantee the adept mentalist a covert position as a published writer with CQ. As a literary marauder, you will then be ideally placed to help me enact a full-scale assault on the planet using the one medium more powerful than swords to bring the book world to their knees!

Do you have what it takes to become a Darkling? (Namely a manuscript, a query letter, and a fierce determination to overthrow psychic weaklings?) Sign with me, neurotic acolyte, and I will help you turn that query letter into an undeniable lure. Then we will massage the first page of your manuscript to have a hook so barbed as to set in the most timid of mouths. The best Darklings will be invited into the fold of the unsuspecting publisher. Then Curiosity Quills Press will be contracted and victory will be MINE! …I mean, ours. Yes, victory will be ours.

Click to learn more about this contest.  Stay tuned for the next post: Put Voice in your Query.

So leave your name, blog URL, and enthusiastic sentiments in my comments. Then check the link above. You have to now.  You have no choice. You are under the power of my thrall.


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