Guest Rockstar: Ian Kane

Altered realities embrace the sinister future where unlikely heroes, nefarious villains, ruthless super-gangs, and monstrous creatures which rampage through the desolated landscapes inhabit this new reality.

Earth is now in the grips of voracious super corporations that have near virtual control over every aspect of life. One of their uber-powered elites, banker and businessman Arlington Grubb, is on a quest to destroy everyone around him, friend and foe alike, in his unquenchable thirst for supremacy.

However, small pockets of resistance form, such as the one led by ex-black ops operative Leonard Kilbane. But are the formidable forces arrayed against him and others in revolt too much to withstand?

From the glittering palaces of the depraved, power-mad elites, to crumbling urban wastelands and desiccated, abandoned outer areas, this genre-breaking opus has characters, action, and plot twists to fascinate everyone.

About the Author: Ian Kane was born in Northern California. After high school, he joined the military where he served for a total of eight years. After receiving his honorable discharge he attended college and studied English and Creative Writing. Later, he worked as a writer, manager, and fitness expert. Always a storyteller at heart, he has made the transition over to doing what he loves most; creating new worlds and universes, which he passionately tries to make as real and immersive as possible. Go to the Fading Empires Website to learn more about the three books from the series already availble, or visit Ian Kane’s Blog.

All these covers are really great!


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