Happy Halloween: Fatty-Goth

I love Halloween! To celebrate this year, my publisher posted one of my short stories on their website. Haunted houses are my favorite. I hope you love it.

I give you: FATTY-GOTH!

Here’s the beginning…

Daniel Cruz nodded to his homeboy, “Thanks. I owe you a solid.” He closed the door on the low rider and watched the tail lights shrink into distant red eyes. When the thumping bass faded to nothing, the mute night pressed itself into his consciousness. Daniel’s bravery far outmatched the darkness. Standing alone in foreign territory, that was a different matter.

He scanned the old suburban street. The white paint on the picket fences was curling. He could see more than one derelict car from here, slowly rusting to death. A stray dog was nosing an overturned garbage can. Daniel wagged his head. This whole thing was crazy. But he never went half-way when it came to impressing a girl. His new Fatty-Goth was going to flip over this. …keep reading


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