I just finished NaNoWriMo with 37 hours to spare! 50,000 words in a month… it was a little bit of work. Totally worth it. I guess I should probably start working on the second half of the book now. Just let me catch my breath.


6 thoughts on “NaNo PWNED!

    • Thanks! I just started the book days before NaNo, so I probably have another 40,000 words left. I’d love to keep going on the first draft to the end, but I think I will be interrupted with rewrites soon.

      • I got caught up re-writing my first 13k and have decided NO rewrites until it’s done. I work on one scene at a time and move on to the next. It’s worked really well for me. If I think of something, I hop back and put it in my Document Notes on Scrivener.

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