Guest Blog: Sanity Vacuum Review

Sanity Vacuum by Thea Gregory is coming out Thursday, December 6!

To kick it off she’s hosting a Twitter release party with tons of fun prizes. Just be on twitter and follow #SanityVacuum to get in after 7PM EST. Even better, she’s having a contest where you can post questions to the super AI in her book, quIRK. If you come up with the best question, she’ll write it into the sequel! So check in on the twitter party, and then get this book. I’ll be reviewing it as soon as I can get ahold of it.

Cover, Synopsis, and link to Thea’s Blog

Enter the Question quIRK contest

Get Sanity Vacuum on Amazon

My Question for quIRK:What is the role of freedom in obtaining happiness?
Hey, I won! My question will be in book 2! Here’s my review of the book…

The first in The ABACUS Protocol series, Sanity Vacuum by Thea Gregory is the best pure science-fiction book I’ve read in years. Beginning with a blue-skinned protagonist leaving her home world to work on a quantum computer housed on a distant space station, the book maintains a nice balance between fun and dark. Deep, compelling characters presented in a conversational prose speed the reader through layers of intrigue, which compound through the entire story.

The book carries several themes through the plot without heavy-handed treatment. Symbolic colors, extreme isolation, and the nature of life are among the ideas carving deeply into the work. An abstract treatment of music, food, and the ties between people presents a rich human experience among the harsh outer reaches of space. The entire work drives home questions of identity and reality without presuming to force external ideas on the explorer. It left me thinking, and I really like books to leave me thinking.

…read the full review at The Speculators’ Club.


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