One Great Morning!

I woke up today knowing I only have a short day at work because I’m going to see The Hobbit! 3D High Frame Rate XD… oh yeah! As if that isn’t enough for an amazing day all by itself, my e-mail this morning held not one, but two pieces of really great news. The first announced I was Honorable Mention in the Writers of the Future Contest for my short story, Schism. It’s not a win, but considering how many entries they get, it’s very high praise. I even get a certificate with my name on. (I have one of those already, but two is twice as nice.) That’s not better than The Hobbit, but the next one is. I saw a “sneak-peek” of the cover art for Theocracide! It’s not done and I can’t show it to anybody yet… except maybe a few people that might have seen it “accidentally”. But, WOW! I’m thrilled. It’s better than I even imagined. Ricky is an artistic genius! So I’m glad today was the fourteenth and not Friday the thirteenth which would have messed it all up.


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