Vote for Me!

My NaNoWriMo book has been entered in a contest called “NaNo-Virtuosos.” Basically a bunch of authors put their 50,000+ words written in November up for everybody to look at and vote on. The people voting win prizes, too! You can win free books if you choose the best ones from the lot… including mine! It is done in three rounds and round one is open for a couple weeks. Just follow the link below, look of the first few pages from the entries, and choose the ones you think are best. (You don’t read the whole book, just the first few pages.) If you select five of the winning 13, you win a free book for each one you pick. When you get there, be sure to look in the Fantasy section for Salvation by James Wymore. Then pick some others and submit your vote. Easy. Thanks for your help!

The link: NaNo-Virtuosos Contest


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