Worldbuilding Blogfest, Part 1

For the next five days, I will be participating in a Worldbuilding Blogfest, hosted by Sharon Bayliss. Each day I will take a part of the world and delve deeper into it. At the end, I’ll be posting an excerpt to demonstrate the place created in these posts. The first dilemma came in choosing which book setting I wanted to work on. Should I promote my new book, Theocracide? Or present one of my upcoming books, Exacting Essence or Salvation? In the end I decided to take on a much bigger challenge. The world I am building is the setting for The Actuator.

Worldbuilding Blogfest, Day 1: Geography & Climate

The Actuator is set in our world. The geographic features and political boundaries are the same… to begin with. However, a scientist has created a machine, which will drastically change the world. He calls his machine The Actuator. It has the ability to reach into a person’s mind and read their wants and desires. Then it changes the whole world to be what the user wants.

Who would make a machine like that?

History is tomorrow. You’ll have to wait for the answer. But I can tell you the results now.

When a lot of different people try to use the machine at once, the device negotiates with all of their minds and makes patches of their most loved ideas all over the world. One place might be a medieval fantasy. Another place becomes a futuristic Cyberpunk society. Each person’s most loved idea becomes real somewhere in the world.

While the face of the land looks the same from a distance, the actual lives in each part of the world look drastically different. Pirates again sail the high seas. Japan is locked in feudal wars. Fae are running rampant over the parts of Great Britain not currently under the rule of King Arthur. Patches of Steampunk cities boarder on zombie infested swamps. Robots line up to battle orcs along county lines. While the natural climates are about the same, the political climate could not be more different.

Travel between areas can be confusing and dangerous. You can’t take a motorcycle into a medieval bubble. Well, you can. But it will turn into a horse. So the only borders that matter anymore are the ones between bubbles where two genres clash.

Check back tomorrow for Day 2: History & Politics.


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