Worldbuilding Blogfest: Day 2

Since I haven’t written these books yet, much of what I tell you must come with a *SPOILER ALERT!* You may find yourself knowing something the characters in the book don’t. But that’s fun, too!

Worldbuilding Blogfest, Day 2: History & Politics

The Actuator started as a quest to make the world better. In collaboration with his wife, Dr. Anderson realized human nature would never allow for the creation of an ideal Utopian society. People were capable of living in peace and happiness. However, the greed and avarice of individuals would always stand in the way of making the change. They felt sure once an ideal situation existed with food, education, and energy for everybody, people would all rise to the occasion. So people want and could enjoy a Utopia, but their own natures kept them from obtaining it. The only way would be to make a machine capable of transforming the world at once into a peaceful idyllic place. That machine was The Actuator.

But something went wrong.

Part of the creation process involved having the machine re-make itself to do things previously impossible. Over a series of improvements, Dr. Anderson’s wife built up The Actuator to be ultimately effective. When she tried to use it to fix the world, however, she made a critical error and erased herself from existence. In mourning, the doctor put himself in the machine next and disappeared.

When the government discovered the machine in the middle of Utah’s west desert, it appeared to have been abandoned. They immediately set up a secret base around it. They built dampeners to counteract the effect of the machine and limit it to a small test area. They began training people, nicknamed Machine Monks, to discipline their minds. They hoped to use the machine under controlled circumstances to advance the interests of the country with respect to military power, space travel, and clean energy.

Then something else went wrong.

An unknown saboteur disabled the dampeners. Consequently the unsuspecting Machine Monk working that day, planning to create a small fantasy area, turned the entire world into a medieval fantasy. With the base commander now a dragon and half the world’s population changed into marauding monsters, security broke down. One by one the Machine Monks, believing their own ideas of an ideal world to be better than the violent Dark Ages, entered the machine and began creating aliens, vampires, ninjas, and every other fanciful world they loved in books or movies. The machine dutifully spit out the results of their desires. In order to accommodate so many opposing ideas, The Actuator began isolating areas for each one. When the chaos settled, the entire world ended up covered in realms of every fiction genre imaginable.

As soon as the dragon found them using her machine in her hoard, she attacked. She killed many of the Machine Monks. Others fled for their lives. Only managing to escape into the futuristic realm of Area 51 nearby, a small group of guards and monks from the base find themselves in a dangerous and incomprehensible world.

Is it even possible to put things right again? The alien spaceships closing on their position don’t seem to want it put back. Who has the right to say what the world should be like?

Join me tomorrow for Day 3: Religion and/or Magic.


2 thoughts on “Worldbuilding Blogfest: Day 2

  1. That history is awesome. I can see a dragon living in the middle of the desert, making it her own domain and slowly incorporating more and more like a hoard of land.

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