Book Review: Paradise Earth

I’m sorry this is a couple of days late. But I wanted to review Paradise Lost by Anthony Mathenia for the Sci-fi Blog Hop.


What will people do when pushed beyond their limits? Anthony Mathenia’s apocalyptical book delves into the dark actions of the truly desperate. Featuring a distraught Jehovah’s Witness experiencing the pivotal event predicted by their religion, Day Zero stares into the shadows cast by imperfect humans blocking the light of perfection.

Powerful and moving, we experience the emotions of one man as he watches a group of believers cross from the world as we know it into the promised Paradise Earth. Although it is the first of a trilogy, this volume delivers a powerful ending. Not a fan of cliff-hangers, I appreciated the climax. Not only does it take the character to the next level, but it left me in haunted contemplation. The language is masterful and artistic. The scenes are compelling, and hold the reader enraptured. This reading experience easily stands up to any great book.

Read a longer review at The Speculators’ Club.


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