Guest Review: The Magic Wakes

It is always a treat when an author successfully weaves science fiction and fantasy together in a great story. Charity Bradford blends the two in to a compelling work of speculative fiction… or is it science fantasy? Anyway, I always love a good cross genre work. In the tradition of Avatar and Star Wars, she builds interesting alien worlds with advanced technology which finds itself inadequate when The Magic Wakes.

In the distant past, a man allows a demon to possess him in order to give him the power to enact a terrible revenge. A woman, hiding her magic because of prejudicial superstitions, has dreams portending a distant enemy arriving to wipe out humans in the local systems in that area of space. Having dreamed often of dying on the capital world, she finds her job transferring her there. When the possessed man arrives at the same time as a half-dragon alien race, the only hope to save mankind is to call on the powers of magic which have been so long oppressed.

With a fast moving and visually dynamic story, it’s easy to get pulled into this book.

See a longer review at The Speculators’ Club.

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