Collaboration Announcement

I am pleased to announce that I have recently been approached for a collaborative book project with Kindle Best Selling author Aiden James! Working as one of the judges in the NaNo-Virtuosos contest, he liked my writing and offered me a chance to work with him. It’s a great honor. After some discussion we decided to work together on The Actuator. (I blogged about it recently under a different title… Deus Ex Machina.) You can find all his books on Aiden James’ Amazon site. Of course, this isn’t my first collaborative project. My next book, Exacting Essence, coming out in May, is a collaborative work, too. When it is out, you will be able to get it from James Wymore’s Amazon site. I have short stories in THREE anthologies which will soon be available on that site as well. Now that is some great news!

I am really looking forward to working with my new partner. Thanks, Aiden James!



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