Do Me A Favor?

Have you read Theocracide?

Just now my publisher is getting ready for a big sale next week. In order to urge people to buy my book I was hoping you could help me out with some reviews. They don’t have to be long or gushing. In fact, a lot of people can tell when an authors friends and family all go in and put in five star reviews. So it’s better if you be brutally honest (but hopefully positive). Make sense? If you have an account with Amazon, just click this link and then “Write A Customer Review” lower down.

Theocracide on Amazon

The next place reviews really help are on Goodreads. You can easily register if you haven’t already.


Once you have, please go to this link where you can rate and review it.

Theocracide on Goodreads

As a completely optional next step, if you feel like it, you can vote for my book on lists on Goodreads. It increases exposure. So if you have the time just go to this link, click on any lists Theocracide is in, and just vote for it until you get bored.

Theocracide Lists

The higher I get on these lists, the more people will find my book. Already #1 on one list! But the bigger lists I need all the help I can get.

Thanks so much! You rock!


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