Author Appreciation Day

May 3rd is Author Appreciation Day. So I joined a blog hop with people appreciating authors. To celebrate we are posting reviews. In my case, it’s a review of the last book I finished–

I know I posted “about” Nefertiti’s Heart by A. W. Exley a while ago. But my reading schedule is kind of strained sometimes. Anyway, I just finished it and I have to say, this book was powerful. I guess it doesn’t get to be a #1 Bestseller for nothing. A strong and interesting main character moves through the dark underbelly of London while still moving through the upper classes. She comes back after her father’s death to put some “ghosts to rest” and find some priceless artifacts to sell. Along the way she ends up dating a steamship pirate and running from a serial killer. That and some supurb writing make this a fantastic book.

You can see the next stop at Sharon Bayliss’s blog.

If you are interested, I just started Kim Oh: Real Dangerous Girl(Book one of three so far) by K. W. Jeter. I have to say, the beginning is really awesome narrative and character work. If you go to his blog, he has a link to the Kindle version for free!


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