Exacting Essence

Today, the culmination of the biggest literary journey in my life is finally available! In 1996, still in college, I embarked on an epic project with R.A. Baxter. We set about to build a world as thoroughly as J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth. We didn’t begin with the intent to write it as books. All we wanted to do was create an epic alternate world. Once we had set our task we began searching for a place, time, or idea to base it on. Then one morning, after a particularly vivid dream, I suddenly knew the place and the idea. Later that afternoon I said, “What if dreams are real?” We launched into a cosmic discussion spanning over a decade. We wrote hundreds of pages describing the real world of dreams. We mapped it. We developed rules and brainstormed whole cultures for groups of people. And best of all, we realized that the nightmares, creatures people dream into existence, would be real. Living, breathing friends and predators we create with nothing more than a thought, would be free in a very real place to tempt and hunt us. What about the conspiracy by evil people to control everybody by tricking them into not believing in the reality of their dreams?

Five years into our quest, we knew this idea, this amazing world, had to get out. Neither of us knew how to write for television or movies. Neither of us had any understanding of cartoons. However, we had both written books before in the past. So we set out to write books and stories set in the fantastic world of dreams. We named this world Shroud, because it is hidden from so many of us.

It turns out, it takes more than a good idea to write a good book. After writing several Shroud books, I realized I needed to learn to write books before I tried to write in such a huge setting. I wrote half a dozen other books and a bunch of short stories. One of those books, Theocracide, came out last year. Another one, The Actuator, is coming out later this year. Many of my short stories have been published or are being published soon. Once I started getting published, I could finally return to the great world of dreams we had created. Today, that dream came true. I give you the first Shroud book, Exacting Essence: The Immortal Nightmare Cycle, Book One!

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Free Dream Interpretations!
To promote the book, for the first few days anybody who buys the book can ask for a free dream interpretation from the author. Along the way, studying dreams, I learned a little bit about how to interpret them. Do you have a recent dream upsetting or confusing you? Write up everything you saw and felt, including relevant information about people in it. Send it to jameswymore@ymail.com and get a non-professional opinion on what your dream means!

Exacting Essence expansion for Slapback!
To celebrate the release of this epic Coming of Age Fantasy, I have added five characters from the book to the fast paced battles in Slapback. Print them now and get into the fight!


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