The Ultimate Resource: Time

I have a cool hourglass. I timed it once. It takes 59 minutes for the sand to fall through. Good thing I’m not OCD!

Two great bits of writing related news.

First, I finished my latest manuscript for The Actuator on time! I told the publisher I’d have it in by mid-June. So on Saturday, the 15th, I sent it off. That’s closer than I like to cut it. But it’s always great to meet a deadline. Even better, it’s a blast to have a first draft done. I had enough time to read through and do surface edits once before I submitted it. And the climax was really great. That boosted my confidence, even though I know there are still a couple of rough parts. Now it goes to Aiden James, who will work his magic and suggest changes and such.

Second, I just received a contract for Salvation, after 4 MONTHS at the publisher! It used to be that kind of time scale drove me crazy. A third of a year to review an in house author’s book? But not any more. I’m really busy. In fact, I’m so busy I asked if I could wait a few months before I return the contract. (Once I send it back, I have deadlines for editing and such.)

Why wait? Because I’m slammed!

My To-Do List:
* I have edits for The Actuator coming up.
* I have edits for the Theocracide, re-release coming up, too.
* I have to prepare for a short story anthology I’m editing for The Actuator.
* I also have to start the second book in The Actuator trilogy.
* Somewhere along the way I have to write another short story and launch platform for another anthology from Masquerade Crew. (My piece, Forbidden Future, is the title story for the anthology coming out next month!)
* Oh, and I have to do a massive overhaul on the second book in the Immortal Nightmare Cycle, to follow Exacting Essence.
* When I get a break in the middle, Salvation, . But it isn’t now. I’ll definitely get to it before any of my long term goals (none of which are listed here).

Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to have this problem! 🙂 But having all these big events converge on a single weekend has left me to reflect on that most elusive of resources– Time. Where does it go? Why do I have so little of it? If I worked as a writer full time and had an assistant, I would be able to keep up with all these projects. However, like everybody, I just don’t have enough time. If I had enough money, I could buy more time (with no day job and people to help me). Even then, however, I would have to carefully ration the one most precious resource. In the end, time is the great equalizer. It makes us all equal. We all get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to do whatever we must/should/can/want with. And how we spend that time, the actions we trade it for, that will be the sum of our one life.

Thanks for using some of yours to read my thoughts and my books!


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