Sundown Genesis

It’s official. I am announcing my latest, greatest project. I’m the writer and creator of a monthly superhero comic:


At night when he dreams, Alex doesn’t go to the same dream land as everybody else. He creates an aspect of himself in the waking world. The plus side is, he can’t be killed… just awakened. The down side is, if the people he fights recognize him when he’s not asleep, he is in very real danger.

This picture is from the very first test images produced by the amazingly talented artistic director, Aaron Leach (inker for Transformers, Star Trek, and Something Wicked comics), who will be doing the pencils and ink. This shows Alex awake. If you want to see him as Sundown, you will have to check back.

We have an outline and the first script. I’m currently writing the script for the second issue. Aaron finished the cover and is working on the first pages. We are taking applications for colorists and letterers now. Once we get the first issue ready, we’ll submit to some independent publishers.

It’s going to be EPIC!


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