Four Grand!

Today on Amazon, my second book, Exacting Essence, is available for $4,123. I feel flattered to think my out of print book is so valuable! I couldn’t help but take a screen shot.

4 grand

Before you buy it, though, check with me. I’ll sell you one for half that much. 🙂 Or, you can be patient for a couple of months. Exacting Essence was picked up by a new publisher. Although I really enjoyed working with Wolf on Water Publishing, I’ve decided to accept the offer and move it to Curiosity Quills Press with my other titles. Part of the reason for the change is because Wolf on Water is moving to a “publishing services” business model. While I wish them success with it, it doesn’t really fit the direction I want to go. Also, my editor at CQ said he really liked it. In a little while it will be out with an amazing new cover, beautiful two-font typesetting, another round of edits, and a much more reasonable price.


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