Valcoria by Jason King


History repeats itself like a song. The verses may vary, but the melody is always the same.

The eastern empire of Aukasia has a new leader, a man who means to bring war to all the land. Yet, even in all his bloody ambition, he does not realize that he is but the puppet of a greater evil.

Only the Kalyra – The Children of the Crystal Star – can stand against what’s coming. Only they can protect the world of Valcoria from the mad hatred of the fallen god, Aedar.

A new verse of the song has begun. The last verse…

My favorite fantasy author, Jason King, has done it again. His newest book, Valcoria: Children of the Crystal Star, is another amazing journey. He is rapidly distinguishing himself as the master of uber-powerful artifacts which control the fate (and mind) of not just the characters, but the world. The manifestation of divine roles in mortals as played out in this book absolutely fascinates me. It held me until the very last word.

For a short time (a few days from this post) you can get the e-book for just 99 cents! I’ve been sitting with him at Comic Con Fan X (same table, d10). So if you come and see me you can get an autographed copy. One thing you have to admit, King’s books have some of the most amazing covers!

Still not convinced, check out this free short story teaser prologue (which I absolute LOVE!)–
Valcoria: Crown of Darkness


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