Boycott Bashing

There’s been a trend on Youtube lately. It comes in different names, but the ones I’ve seen the most are How It Should Have Ended (HISHE) and Honest Trailers. I watched several of these and laughed, because they are often funny ways of exposing plot holes or other inconsistencies. However, after a while, I started to notice they made me think less of some really great movies. So I stopped watching them.

Later, I realized the bigger problem– I’m a writer. It’s fine for people who just watch movies casually. However, I’ve come to see first hand exactly how hard and how much work it is to write a script for a movie or TV show. It’s very little work for some guy in his basement to hack together a parody and completely slam the movie. Now I can’t stand those kinds of shows. Sure, we’ve all joked about time turners in the Harry Potter books. But I just find myself repulsed by people making these negative videos. I assume they do it as a joke, and the fame has driven them to work harder at it. In the end, though, it amounts to nothing more than sour grapes. If they were really so great at understanding movie plots and writing humor, why aren’t they doing it? Oh, because they can’t.

Anyway, I’ve said my two cents on the matter. Have a great day!


One thought on “Boycott Bashing

  1. I agree in full. I’m tired of stupid nit picking by people who clearly don’t aspire to do anything greater. I love movies and am a movie buff as it were. Even bad movies I most always enjoy for what they are and if you can truly tell that the film makers had a true vision and gave it their best. The Room would be a prime example. It’s a bad movie that’s poor in almost all aspects. I however enjoy it because you can tell Tommy Wiseau put his heart into it and I take it for what it is. It’s enjoyable in it’s own unique way. I also get disgusted by constant slamming and weary of people who lack real creativity and don’t aspire to even try. Great article James.

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