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So I’m one of the founders of a semi-interactive speculative fiction live performance troupe, the Space Balrogs. What does that mean? It means Zombie Rock Opera, it means Choose Your Own Apocalypse, it means Supervillain Idol — you know, science fiction convention performances that are funny and exciting, and an end to those dry as dust panels with writers talking about the mechanics of prose.

We’ll be doing a few things at Salt City Steamfest this weekend. We’ll also be at SLC Comic Con, and Tree City Comic Con this fall in Boise!

Check us out at our awesome website (still under construction). Use the form to sign up for regular updates on our appearances, and also to get choice snippets emailed to you for your personal amusement. Go check:
Space Balrogs Website

(But definitely don’t sign up if you’re one of those people who likes listening to lengthy panel debates about whether one should use dialog tags other than the word “said.”)

If you haven’t already, please go like us on FB:
Space Balrogs Facebook Page

You can check-out my fellow Space Balrogs, too:

Dave Butler
Jason King
David West
Craig Nybo

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