Steamfest Victors!

Dream Journal

There was a lot of fun and fancy this weekend at Salt City Steamfest. In particular, I want to take the time to congratulate some of the winners of the various events.

First, a big round of applause for NICK LOFTHOUSE! His short story, VACANT, won the SALTY DOG writing contest and will be published by Curiosity Quills Press in an upcoming anthology. It was a thought-provoking story in the dystopian Steampunk vein that is all the rage these days.

We had several games hosted by the Space Balrogs at Steamfest, too. (You can get all the names, links, and details on my CYOA page.) It began with Steampunk Smack-down: Airship Pirates vs. Clockwork Tinkers vs. Mole People. David West drew the audience in, and the Airship Pirates conquered the Steampunk world!

Next we played Steampunk Super-villain Idol! This was the premiere of a new Space Balrogs panel game, and it couldn’t have been any funnier. Featuring acting, singing, and hijinks by Herr Shrap Hamneir, a pirate captain seeking revenge on the world, Dr. Oberon Malieux, famous for using clock-work to “fix” his patients into Steampunk cyborgs, Lord Shadington, the necromantic artist, Anti-halo, the acid blasting land shark, and Mayor/Governor/President/Emperor Jamison, the business mogul pimp of coffee. The judges and audience were brutal, but Dr. Malieux took home the prize of reigning Super-villain Idol.

Finally, we ended with The Science of Steampunk. We were favored by the sudden guest appearance of Howard Taylor, creator of Schlock Mercenary, whom we immediately press-ganged into participating with no prep-time. It was a battle of artists as Carter Reid, creator of Zombie Nation, and Sean Ricks, fantastic painter, all vied to win the loyalty of the audience minions. In the end, Howard Taylor won the day with his clockwork nano-control-virus pudding.

We had a blast! Thanks to everyone who shared their talents!


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