Fractured Earth #1 on Amazon!


One month from today, The Actuator 1.5: Borderlands Anthology goes on sale! It has new developments for the Machine Monks, as well as short stories set all over the world at the time of the great Actuation. More about that exciting development soon. In order to promote the upcoming story collection, my publisher is putting The Actuator 1: Fractured Earth for kindle on sale for just 99 cents! That’s 80% off! If you haven’t read it already, this is your chance to get it cheap with time to read it before the amazing anthology sequel comes out.

This book literally has everything in it: pirates, aliens, fairies, robots, dragons, robots, orcs, Steampunks, spaceships, flying cars, magic, lasers, airships, vampires, werewolves… everything but cheese.

BREAKING NEWS! Fractured Earth is tearing up Amazon’s charts! At this moment it is #1 in Dark Fantasy and #5 in Sword & Sorcery, grouped with the Game of Thrones books!


Actuator #1 and #5 cropped

Actuator #1 Dark Fantasy cropped

Actuator #5 Sword & Sorcery cropped

It’s a dream come true for me! Thanks so much to all of you!


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