Sundown Rises

Sundown 01 Cover

I love it when a dream comes together. And this month has been a month of dreams come true. First, The Actuator: Fractured Earth became a bestseller on Amazon. Now the culmination of a year’s efforts has finally come to fruition in the form of a comic book: SUNDOWN!

Last year at Salt Lake Comic Con I was in several panels on comics. This one I was on because my publisher began publishing graphic novels. I mentioned that I wanted to write a unique superhero comic book I had the idea for, but I was having trouble finding an artist. Someone there referred me to an artist she knew. That’s how I met the talented Aaron Leach. Over a month, he helped me focus the idea and learn to write scripts according to the industry standards. Once he committed to the project, I began the search for a colorist and letterer. We went through three colorists and two letterers before finally getting the talents of Ben Mudak and Hugo Jesus.

Now, at long last, we are closing in on the amazing first issue. This isn’t the final cover, but it’s a good example of the logo and the painted style we’re using. Hopefully, we’ll have everything ready to submit by the upcoming Comic Con in two weeks!


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