Review: Small Town Monsters by Craig Nybo


Mayhem explodes when monsters mix with guns, rednecks and beer. Craig Nybo’s second novel, Small Town Monsters, visits the town of DePalma Beach, Montana, a peaceful lake community with a five-star rating in any tour travel guide. Monster hunter isn’t in the job description when Kurt McCammus, a Los Angeles homicide detective, leaves the big city and all its violence behind to take a job as chief of police in DePalma Beach. He falls in love with the clean air and peaceful community. That is until a local rancher finds 50 head of sheep mutilated on his spread. The people of DePalma Beach turn to superstitions, believing that monsters have caused the mutilations. Chupacabras, bigfoot, aliens, werewolves, and wendigos all make the suspect list. Kurt must get to the bottom of the mutilations while keeping the good ol’ boys of DePalma Beach from hitting the woods all liquored up for a monster hunt. The pressure escalates when bodies begin to stack up. As Kurt investigates the murders, even his sense of reason wavers. Could it be true that DePalma Beach is crawling with monsters?

Review: I always love a good werewolf story, and this one is great! As the small towns of America are disappearing, this book captures a slice of Americana. The werewolves are anything but typical, generating a horror story that I couldn’t put down. Five Stars!

The author, Craig Nybo, is one of the most talented, fun and nice people I’ve met. He’s one of the Space Balrogs, and he beat me in the last game of Choose Your Own Apocalypse by only a narrow margin. I highly recommend this book.

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