Review: Sonya Fletcher Monster Hunter by S. A. Butler


Volume 1 has two books in it!


Sonya uncovers the lie behind her mother’s death and travels to a small Northern Minnesota town in search of the truth, but what she finds makes her question her own sanity. Jax, a lethal Tracker, is under orders to hunt her down for the powers locked inside her. Hurled into the world of monsters, Sonya will have to decide what she’s willing to lose to discover what she is.


Sonya accepts the position of a Hunter under the mysterious Damian Jaeger. Her presence causes a division among the other Hunters as her past is questioned. Determined to prove her place among them, Sonya ventures on her own but ends up with more than she bargained for. With time running out and her powers beginning to emerge, she’ll have to risk more than her life to succeed.

My Review: I always love a good Van Helsing style story, and this one didn’t disappoint. All the monsters were good, but Butler’s vampires really take the stage with a fresh take on an old classic… not easy to do. The title character is a great combination of determined and mysterious. Best of all, I didn’t spend the whole book gagging because the heroine was always gushing about her latest crush.

See more reviews on Goodreads. Or find more information about S. A. Butler on her website.

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