Review: Whispers of the Goddess


“From the wrath of the Northmen, O Lord deliver us.” — Old French Prayer

Warships of the Fourth Crusade surround Constantinople threatening murder, rapine and worse.

The only option left the impotent Emperor to avoid the sacking of the great city, is to secretly give away a sacred relic.

Enter Tyr, a red-handed Swedish mercenary and Wolfram von Eschenbach, the Templar poet, together charged with retrieving the holy artifact and escaping the city.

What they don’t know is that arcane forces, old as myth, are marshalled against their mission. The old gods of multiple nations war with the New.

And Ragnarok is coming to Greece.

Plus two more short sword and sorcery tales of Tyr: Hel Awaits and Sailing to Valhalla

My Review: First of all, I’m a sucker for a great Norse Mythology tale. This short story collection, centering around Tyr, is a fun re-imagining of the great Saga heroes. Of the three, I found I most enjoyed the last one, Sailing to Valhalla. Great fun from fellow Space Balrog, David J. West!

Read Whispers of the Goddess!


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