Review: Maladaptive Blind by Sarah Seeley

Mal Bind

Angela Thornley doesn’t know why she’s still alive. When park rangers found her, she couldn’t speak or move, let alone remember what the serial killer, “The Man,” did to her and her husband before he buried them alive. At least, not until she hears the social workers talk about putting her five-year-old son, Blake, in a foster home and she feels his little fingers slip from her hand.

Determined to function so she can protect and care for her son, Angela works hard to unlock and heal the dark memories of her kidnapping buried deep in her subconscious. But her journey leads to unsettling discoveries about the darkness she harbors in her own soul. Due to an unknown combination of genetic and traumatic triggers, Angela is beginning a rapid, painful transformation. The anger that kept Angela alive is also driving her to dangerous thoughts of retribution on the man that killed her husband and broke her spirit.

Soon, Angela begins attacking innocent victims she believes are “The Man.” As she struggles to cope with her transformation, she must determine how far she is willing to go to protect her son and avenge her wounded psyche before she becomes the very sort of monster that bit her.

My Review:

So, have you ever met a sweet looking author who is very kind and a little shy, then you read her book and it is the most twisted and dark horror you’ve ever experienced? Yeah, that.

Sarah and I have been on panels together at several conventions, most recently the Vampires panel at Salt Lake Comic Con. I’m always interested in a new take on an old classic and I found the title to be exceptionally intriguing, so I got her book. For Halloween I pulled it out. Whoa! Talk about a mind-pretzel. Seeley doesn’t hold back. Her monsters go all the way to the end of the psychotic spectrum. Measured against a religious ruler, I almost couldn’t believe what I was reading. I sure couldn’t put it down. Now I can’t stop wondering… can she do it again in her next book?

Get Maladaptive Blind by Sarah E. Seeley.


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