Kindle Daily Deal: Actuator!

Actuator 1 Ebook Cover

Today, The Actuator 1: Fractured Earth is being featured as a “Book Deal of the Day” on Amazon! So for a short time you can get it on your kindle for just $1.99. I know most of my blog subscribers probably have or know about this book already, but it’s a great day to recommend it to friends or share THIS LINK:

See the Daily Deals Page. Note: This link will only work for today, after that it will have other daily deals. Yesterday, I checked it out and saw the same spot my book is in was occupied by Kurt Vonnegut!

Fractured Earth is also being featured today on It’s a cool mailing list where they send you deals on science fiction e-books (some free, most cheap). When you sign up they give you 20 free e-books as a bonus. They are mostly classics, but there were a few I really liked. The difference between these guys and other freebie mailing lists is that they vet every book. That’s right, he read the Actuator before he decided whether or not to feature it. Luckily, it passed! So, for all my blog followers, I highly recommend signing up for this mailing list. You can find it at

If you just want to see today’s e-mail blast from them, featuring a nice review, just go to the post online.

Thanks for all your support!


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