The Force Awakens


With the next Star Wars movie more than year away, the first official trailer came out yesterday. You should see it:

Star Wars VII: The Force Awakens TRAILER

First impression: It was exactly what I expected. They don’t need to give away the story. Everybody who loves Star Wars is already going to see it. They did the same thing for the episode 1 trailer by showing a unique lightsaber, but the rest is just flavor. So, naturally I loved it.

From an author point of view, Star Wars has been one of my biggest lifetime influences. By far my favorite play as a kid, I’ll never forget walking out of Return of the Jedi as a young pre-teen and knowing my world would never be the same. I cheered when Disney bought the franchise, because I just want MORE! They did a great job with Avengers after buying Marvel, so I have high hopes they will continue with some great Star Wars movies. I approve the choice of J. J. Abrams for the director. I loved the new Star Trek movies, lens flares and all.

I have only limited experience with what used to be called the “extended universe,” and is now, “legacy.” I’ve read a dozen or so Star Wars books over the years. Right now I’m listening to a Star Wars audiobook: Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams. I’ve never heard an audiobook with so many sound effects and digitally altered voices. It’s pretty fun.

If you’re listening, Disney reps, I would LOVE to write a Star Wars novel. (E-mail me!) I have a great idea for a stand alone called Scoundrel Jedi! I even outlined the plot and drew some sketches. I want to see lightsabers pushed farther from the “norm.” The picture above, gives me hope there will be many exciting advances along those lines in the future.

So why do I have a nagging worry deep down, despite so many positive signs? My friend, R. A. Baxter, suggested it might be because Disney has a habit of pounding everything they own into a formula, sterilizing it into something so average I can’t stand it. Their superhero moves, amazing. Their superhero cartoons? Blah. If that’s the worst of it, I will be okay. Star Wars has plenty of lame TV shows in the past which I’ve managed to successfully ignore for decades. It’s all about the movies. I really need them to make these movies awesome.

…and maybe let me write a book. 🙂


2 thoughts on “The Force Awakens

  1. My assessment of the new Star Wars movie remains inconclusive.

    The thing I loved most about the original movies was the massive feasts of creativity stuffed into every scene with masterful subtly. I felt compelled to watch the movies multiple times just to be able to absorb all the new and creative elements.

    So far, the teaser trailer has not shown that level of creativity. There is a minor new saber design, a new, but unimpressive speeder design, and a new roly-poly ball robot. But the trailer focuses so much attention on these minor innovations that I have to wonder if the directors just wanted to reassure us that they know how to invent new things. Unfortunately, I want a subtle snapshot of creative new worlds–not minor testaments to someone’s few creations. I want an odd Jawa transport run by odd little Jawas and filled with dozens of odd little robots–not one little roller ball robot bouncing along the ground and if to say “look at what a cool new robot creation I am.”

    More worrisome is the reappearance of so many ships from the original movies. I am all for having them in the film. They wouldn’t just go away and they are icons of the Star Wars world we all love. At the same time however, we can always just re-watch the movies we all love. If the movie pays too much homage to the inventions revealed in the original movies, it will seriously reduce the amount of creativity we feasted on in those other movies.

    I suspect however that the trailer served it true purpose–to ease our fears. The new director needed to show us that he has no intention of changing the character, feel, or universe of the original movies. He changed the Star Trek world significantly and thus had good reason to calm our fears that he might do the same to our beloved Star Wars universe. Yet he also wanted to hint to us that he can and will introduce some creative and new ideas. My only concern is that he can strike the right balance between homage to the character of the old movies and homage to the tradition of massive creativity that the old movies allowed us to enjoy.

    • I expect they plan to release several trailers over the next year. This one was meant, as you said, to put people at ease that it will still be their beloved SW. Future trailers are likely to reveal more, to appeal to the need for more innovation and depth.

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