Draconic King in Chronology

CQ Chronology Banner

Draconic King

Tomorrow, January 1, 2015, Curiosity Quills Press releases its annual short story collection. This year it’s called Chronology. I’m particularly excited about this book. They gave me a great honor by placing my novella, DRACONIC KING, very first in the book! This anthology has a number of amazing pieces in it by bestselling authors like J. R. Rain, J. P. Sloan, and the legendary Piers Anthony. It also has the winning story from the first annual Salty Dog Steampunk Contest I judge for Salt City Steamfest, by the awesome Julie Frost. There are so many more great contributors. Check out the whole line up.

For today, December 31, 2014, pre-orders are on sale for just $4.99. That’s $3 off the cover price when it releases tomorrow. So grab it fast! It’s really cheap for how many incredible stories are packed in there. I love the interior art for the stories… especially mine. 🙂

While I was working on Draconic King I made a map. It’s not necessary to understand the story, but for those who like such things, here it is:
Draconic King Map
A young king inherits a desperate situation with his kingdom on the brink of ruin. The only way he can keep his lands from falling into the hands of his enemies is to subdue the ancestral dragon and ride into battle as a Draconic King.

Everything about this collection is professional, but one thing CQ does best is covers. So of course this one is no exception. Get it now!

CQ Chronology Ebook


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