Game Card

Card James Wymore

Anybody have a game this card can be used in? I’ll offer a reward if you tell me one. You can be the first person to die in my new book!

Sean Ricks, my friend and artist, made it at Comic Con last fall. I’m super-excited for FanX this month. They have our Space Balrog panel games in ballrooms. No more people fighting over chairs… well, except at the end. But that’s how it always goes.

Incidentally, I just started work on Choose Your Own Apocalypse book with the amazing and talented authors Jason King and Holli Anderson. It’s going to be epic x3! *Spoiler Alert!* I’m writing the robot faction. B)

I am actually in the middle of two other book manuscripts right now. But I couldn’t stop myself with the idea for this one hit me. The first lines:

There is no such thing as chaos. There is random, and there is order.


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