X-Men Media Musing


I’ve been a huge fan of X-men since I was introduced to them in college. I played a card game called OverPower, and developed an insatiable appetite for all things superhero. At the same time, they were running the X-men cartoons (the good ones with the bright colored outfits) on Saturday mornings. I’m not ashamed to say I saw every episode and loved it.

Recently I saw the latest movie Days of Future Past. It spurred a great many discussions, which I decided to bring to the blogosphere. I should start by saying I’m a big fan of the movies. I even liked the one (or two) a lot of fans didn’t. I have to give kudos to Bryan Singer, the director. He’s my favorite X-men movie director. Not only did I love the first two, but I think his recent work was nothing short of a miracle. Successfully fixing the bomb crater from #3, while tying in First Class and the Wolverine shows was incredible. I give him props on par with J. J. Abrams who did a similar save with the Star Trek reboot. In fact, I liked it so well that I’ve forgiven him for sidelining one of my favorite X-men (Bishop).

The Days of Future Past storyline has had one of the most diverse media re-tellings I’ve ever seen. The original comics in the 1980’s had Kitty Pride going back in time. The cartoons had Bishop going back in time. The movie uses Wolverine. Obviously they needed Wolverine to get more screen time to please the Hugh Jackman fans. But the bone-claws bit was pretty cool. I wanted to see him get those claws into Magneto.

What X-men does best, is to take the story to the next level, whatever it is. Time travel, extra dimensions, alternate realities, space travel… all of it. My books will attest to my love stories that embrace all the genres and don’t hold back on sci-fi tricks. This movie inspired me to kick it up a notch. I don’t know how it will look when I’m done, but I’m definitely itching to do something hyper-physical. I can’t wait for Apocalypse! Thanks, Mr. Singer.


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