Back to work, Edward!

I know it’s fallen out of favor with Comic Book fans, but I really liked Batman Forever when it came out. I think Val Kilmer’s time as Batman was too short. The best part, of course were the performances of Two-Face and the Riddler. At one point, Edward Nygma attempts to talk to Bruce Wayne. His boss keeps trying to dissuade him by saying, “Back to work, Edward!” For some reason, I think of that whenever I’m supposed to be working and other things have distracted me. Well, not every time, or that would be hundreds of times a day… but sometimes.


Anyway, that’s what I thought today when after weeks and weeks of working on “side” projects, I finally got back to working on a novel. I had a couple of short stories to write, a few anthologies to start, and a role-playing game to flesh out. I’ve been editing, too. Also, I had a bunch of submissions to make for the Comic Book, Sundown. However, I finally got caught up today. So I dusted off the novel I’m working on and looked at it again.

To be honest, I was starting to worry that the novel wasn’t any good. As I took some time away from it, my doubts began gnawing at me. I started to wonder if I’d made a mistake and should just abandon it. So I threw myself in to the side work for months and didn’t face the reality of the situation.

Incidentally, In “On Writing,” Stephen King warns against this very thing. He points out that taking time away from a work almost always sours it, and one should loyally work all the way to the end of one project before picking up another. It would be great if I had the luxury of doing so. However, I have a day job and a family. Not to mention, if I didn’t take care of editing and side projects in a timely fashion, they’d never get done. When I got permission to do the second Actuator anthology, I had to jump on it. When Steven L. Peck agreed to an anthology (different one), I had to jump on that. So I don’t regret my choice, but as Mr. King predicted, I had soured on the novel I’d set aside.

Today, I decided to jump back in and see. I would just read through the eight chapters I had done and see what needed to be hacked and try to fix it. If it was awful, I would know. Luckily, I found I still love it. The characters drew me right back in and the story is fun. I didn’t get much new writing done, but I feel good about where I’m at and ready to push forward. Whew! That’s a relief!

So, now I’m back to writing THUG #1. 🙂


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