Poet Noir with the Gangrene Band

Poet Noir

I recently had one of the most fun experiences of my life! I was invited, along with my fellow Space Balrogs, by the amazing Craig Nybo to write a short story and read it while the Gangrene Band jammed in the background. Immediately my mind went to beat poetry, and the result, POET NOIR, can be seen here. The conductor, Mark Robinette, was amazing and the musicians, having never practiced or heard anything about what we wrote, did an absolutely stunning job. Craig mixed it all together and called it Freestyle Gargoyles II. You can buy the album all over the place (available on iTunes! I’m track #2) and just today they released the video! I’m the first ten minutes or so. So check it out!

The Gangrene Band performs Freestyle Gargoyles II, Featuring Poet Noir by James Wymore

Don’t miss the rest of the stories by Holli Anderson, Jason King, and David West. I was surprised by how dark and musical they all were. Awesome!

If that’s not enough, Crowd Surfing did a documentary. A “Making of” kind of thing, which was aired on television all over the state. Crowd Surfing Freestyle Gargoyles

If you want to read the transcript of my story, I have posted it here on my page.



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