#bestbadpitch #bestbadquery Contest

Apparently, my bad query wasn’t the best last year, so I’m in the game again. This year, my best bad query and best bad pitch are sure to be the best… at being bad. Thanks to Sharon Bayliss for coming up with these awful contests so even the worst of us can excel at something.


Therez no way 2 tell U how amazing this book is in just 141 chars. But I’ll tell U the title and it’s full of lovin’ goodness. Then Ull know. UNICORNS IN SPACE! Right?!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


Dear editor,

Imma make you a millionaire. Check it… I talked to my friends and they said what needs to happen is a book that has everything in it. I mean EVERYTHING!!! So that’s what I got. Magic, mythologies, a lot of cute guys, and chicks fighting for them, and true love, lot’s of love. The only thing it needed was space, so we did that, too. Plus, the main characters a unicorn. What? Why, you ask? Because it’s like Harry Potter. That chick put together two ideas at once; magic and high school. And Twilight with the vampires and love. That was big, right? So the trick is just putting together TWO IDEAS and it will be huge. So we put together like six ideas that have never been put together before– and the best ones space ships and unicorns!


That’s the title, or maybe the series. And I’m halfway through the first book. Sarah, my BFF, says it’s like the best book ever. She read it twice so far. Even better than those lame ones I said before. Some of the ideas are so good I can’t even tell you, until you sign a contract. But I will say this, the love scenes are soooo sweet and perfect.

anywayz, totally text me at the number below and tell me what you’ll give me if I let you in on this sick book deal! Then I’ll send you pics of the stuff I wrote BY HAND, because we think that would make people like it more, because it’s like her journal.

~Shanna Kewl
385-555-3349 ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


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