Available Now: Schism!

schism-e-book-coverOn the scorched world of Schism, all life survives in huge trenches, protected from the heat of the torrid sun. In these chasms, human colonists often find themselves at odds with the indigenous humanoids called Spiders. Jake’s airship, powered by ancient technology, takes advantage of the unique terrain, but makes him valuable to both sides of local warring tribes. The captain and crew of the Sky Turtle are forced to risk everything in a fight between these followers of opposing elemental magics. If they fail, it could cost them

Schism is a planet divided physically, racially, and politically. In this difficult environment with limited energy resources, steam power is often the best adaptation. Will it be enough to combat the arcane and alien forces using them as a pawn in an age-old war?

I give you a new genre mash-up: future sci-fi, steampunk, magic, and adventure, with a touch of romance. This story has been in flux for years. Originally, I wrote it for The Writers of the Future contest. It won “Honorable Mention.” Then I submitted to a pro rate anthology, where it was accepted. They asked me to make it longer (for more money? Okay!) and we did some editing. Then, that publisher held onto it for over a year and finally went out of business.  So, when Immortal Works said they were interested in Novellas, I had one conveniently ready to go. It’s short, meant to be read in a single setting and about the length of a movie. I’ve gotten great responses from readers and editors. I hope you love it!

Schism for Kindle on Amazon

Schism Paperback



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