Video Promo


In my home city, there’s a group called SLC Nerd. Led by Ben Fuller, it includes a lot of fun and wacky stuff. You should check out the website.

Anyway, one of the features is a video series called Cult Classics vs. Comedians, where funny people talk about lesser known movies loved by loyal fans. One of the features of CCvs.C is a focus in October on Horror movies– of which there are many great old ones– called 31 Screams.

As it happens, I’m not a great comedian, but they decided to overlook that and invited me to do one of these videos. My title choice was a no-brainer: LABYRINTH!

I loved that show when it first came out, I’ve watched it tons of times. I watched it again recently and still find it relevant and fun. Muppets, M.C. Escher, and David Bowie in one story, what’s not to love?

So I made this 31 Screams video. Enjoy!

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