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Growing up on a steady diet of Spider-man cartoons and television shows like Batman and Wonder Woman, James Wymore knew he would someday grow to find his own super powers and join the fight for justice. He did everything right, from experimenting with arson to jumping from great heights, but his ability to control fire or fly never kicked in.

As he went past the teen-age years, he accepted that he probably didn’t have a mutant power waiting to kick in. Neither would he discover alien origins, so he threw himself into discovering enhancements that would bring his latent abilities to the surface. He travelled the world studying arcane magic. Throughout college, he experimented with volatile chemicals, extreme temperatures, lasers, and various forms of radiation.

Eventually, he discovered the power of hypnosis through fantastic stories. He plunged into writing, filling his work with the subtle triggers that would allow him to one-day take control of all his readers’ minds and use them as an army to take over the literary world. Until that day, he works tirelessly to create more and better books.


Red Witch Run

Poem – Odyssey Poetry Contest (2018)




13,000 words – Writers of the Future, Honorable Mention (2012)


One Cog


8,000 words – Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest, 3rd Place (2012)


One Cog

9,300 words – Writers of the Future, Honorable Mention (2011)

You can find James Wymore listed in the AUTHORdB. I also have an

Amazon Author Page and a Goodreads Author Page.

Come and see James at one of his appearances.

4 thoughts on “About the Author

  1. I was enjoying your cartoon about the encore and thinking how much I love ironic humor, almost as much as I enjoy poetry. We’re following each other on Twitter, and thus I decided to stop by, to my good fortune. You have a lot of talent. May you be successful in all things.

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