These are the books I’ve acquired for various publishers. I recommend every one of them! I am no longer working as an acquisition editor. Nor am I working in any capacity for any publishing companies.

These books were acquired on behalf of Immortal Works Press.

Where nightmares ride

The Midnight Call

Dragon Ascending


Shadow Above the Flames

Gerald Ebook

These books were acquired on behalf of Curiosity Quills Press.

Death by Cliche cover

Soul-less Grave

Prophet of the Badlands

Division Zero

The Traveler's Wake Cover




Tattoo Rampage

The Artful

Heart Chants

Tortured Truths

Wolf Cover New

4 thoughts on “Acquisitions

  1. A skilled writer’s job is to write, mostly. Sure, there will be interviews and booksignings now and then, but focus is not so much majorly on those things, nor should it be. The marketing needs to be left to skilled marketers, illustrations to skilled illustrators, etc. Everyone in the process has their place and if they are exceptional at what they do, they are worth their weight in gold to a project.

  2. To “help” form a final book, even if it’s not your own, is gratifying. The book is still theirs & you were a part of the process. I’ve done that on quite a few.

    • And it’s great to be a part of getting it out there. People sometimes think Acquisitions Editors are like gatekeepers holding out the ones they don’t like. Really, the AE has to “sell” the title to the publisher and convince them to invest in it. I didn’t understand that before I became one.

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