Meet James Wymore in person! Here are his upcoming book signings and events.

* Friday – Saturday, May 22 – 23. Conduit. I’m really excited about the new game. They’re running it twice! Here’s my panel list:
> Friday 6:00 (Zion) The Dungeon Escape
> Friday 8:00 (Snow) Movie Monster Armageddon
> Saturday 10:00 (Snow) The Dungeon Escape
> Saturday 3:00 (Zion) Choose your own apocalypse

* Friday – Saturday, July 17 – 18. Salt City Steamfest. I’ll be judging the Salty Dog Steampunk Short Story Contest. This year, Steamfest is adding a writers track to their panel list. More info to follow!

* Date TBA: Release Party for The Actuator 2: Return of the Saboteur! This will be at a physical bookstore with my good friend Jason King who is releasing The Soul-less Grave as well.

* Thursday – Saturday, September 24 – 26. Salt Lake Comic Con. Always!

Here are my recent interviews and on-line appearances.

* Live reading of Poet Noir with the Gangrene Band jamming in the background. This was part of the Freestyle Gargoyles project by Craig Nybo with the other Space Balrogs. It’s a lot of fun! If you want more info on it, I was interviewed for the “making of” documentary by Crowd Surfing.

* My blog-radio interview with Kori Miller on Back Porch Writer.

* My podcast interview with T.J. Redig on Scrivener’s Soapbox.

* My video interview with Dungeon Crawlers Radio at Salt Lake Comic Con.

Information about what I do as an Acquisitions Editor

* Interview on Katie Teller’s blog.

Do you want James Wymore for your event? Don’t hesitate to invite him!

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