Meet James Wymore in person! Here are his upcoming book signings and events.

Upcoming events:

> Life the Universe and Everything Writers Conference. February 14-16. I’ll be at the release panel for the charity anthology, “Trace the Stars,” featuring one of my short stories. You can catch me hanging around the Immortal Works table the rest of the time.

> Dual Author Book Release Event! February 20. Come to the Grantsville Library to get my new book, Thug #1. And while you’re there, pick up Holli Anderson’s new release, Myrikal. Two superhero themed novels in one super place!

> FanX Salt Lake Comic Convention. April 19-20. We’ll be playing Choose Your Own Apocalypse. You can find us at one of the dealer tables as well.

> League of Utah Writers Spring Conference. April 27. I’ll be teaching how to properly name your genre.

> Fyrecon Writers Conference. June 20-22. In addition to everything else, we’ll be debuting and demonstrating my new RPG game system: D2xL.

> Spikecon. July 4-7. This is 3 travelling conventions converged in one: Westercon, NASFIC (USA’s Worldcon), and Minicon.

> San Diego Comic Con. July 19-20. I’m just going to this one. But if you’ll be there, let me know and we can meet up.

Here are my recent interviews and on-line appearances:

* An interview about the Actuator Series Finale on DCR podcast.

* Me on the Channel 6 News in Pocatello, Idaho, for Snake River Comic Con.

* An interview about Widows into Hell with Dungeon Crawlers Radio podcast.

* Live reading of The Thing I Hate with the Gangrene Band jamming in background, Halloween edition!

* Live reading of Poet Noir with the Gangrene Band jamming in the background. This was part of the Freestyle Gargoyles project by Craig Nybo with the other Space Balrogs. It’s a lot of fun! If you want more info on it, I was interviewed for the “making of” documentary by Crowd Surfing.

* A panel-like podcast where Daniel Swenson asks some of the questions that have been plaguing fandom for decades on Hugo nominated Dungeon Crawlers Radio.

* An in depth interview with R. R. Campbell on Writecast about the audience and philosophy of Immortal Works Press.

* My interview with Author’s Think Tank Podcast about Choosing the right genre and publisher.

* My blog-radio interview with Kori Miller on Back Porch Writer.

* My podcast interview with T.J. Redig on Scrivener’s Soapbox.

Do you want James Wymore for your event? Don’t hesitate to invite him!


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