Exacting Essence Book Club Questions

*Spoiler Alert!* You don’t want to read these before the book.

1- If you could contact other people while they were dreaming, how could you use that to your advantage?

2- If you were a free dreamer, what power would you want? Do you think that says something about you?

3- After a life changing event, Meg changes her name. Why do you think she chose to go by a different name?

4- Rose tells Meg the only way to escape her nightmares is to learn the truth about dreams, but learning the truth will put Meg in danger. Would you rather know the truth and be in danger or not know and feel safe?

5- Carrie ends up loving George even though he’s a Nightmare and she’s a Ghost. Do you think you could love a Nightmare?

6- Because of Meg’s bad experience with Nightmares, she hates all Nightmares, including George who eventually saves her. Is this the same as prejudice based on race or gender? Or is it different?

7- Greasy calls Meg his mother. She rejects that relationship and says she created the Nightmare and it’s her right to destroy him. What relationship and responsibility would a dreamer have to Nightmares they create?

8- Think of some “alternate worlds” from other books. Examples include Wonderland, the Center of the Earth, Mars, Never Never Land, and Narnia. How is Essentia different from other alternate worlds?

9- If you had to choose between your waking life being fulfilling and becoming a free dreamer, which would you take?

10- When Carrie dies, she becomes a Ghost because she can’t let go of the things going on in her life. Are you the type of person who can let go of things and move on? Is it better to be obsessed or disconnected?

Download these Exacting Essence Book Club Questions as a file.

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