Theocracide Book Club Questions


1- What would you choose for your own world-view if you had computer glasses?

2- Noting that ancient Egypt had theocrats and had the most stable, long-lasting government in history spanning over 3,000 years; does a religious belief in leaders bring more stability in government?

3- What are some risks of embracing technology without due caution?

4- Is it right for the government to take away the privacy of its citizens in the interest of security? Or is that an inherent loss of freedom?

5- How does the plot parallel the treatment of American Indians when America was taken by colonists?

6- In what ways does a society dependent on computer glasses resemble the Allegory of the Cave by Plato? How is it different?

7- How would Henry David Thoreau act if he lived in a world like the one described in Theocracide?

8- Do you think our society has already gotten to the point where they are too tied to the virtual world? Why or why not?

9- If the improvements in computer technology continue as they have, is it possible we could end up with a society seeking constant media immersion? How could such a conclusion be prevented?

Get a printable version of these Theocracide Book Club Questions.

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