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From Immortal Works Press

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Superheroes and villains constantly battle for control of Denver, Colorado, so somebody has to do the heavy lifting. CJ Cruz found his niche working for whichever super-flavor-of-the-day happens to be running the show at the time. Since most of the self-labeled heroes claiming to be on the side of justice don’t hire henchmen, he usually winds up doing the street-level work for supers operating outside the law. His family and priest just think he’s a gangster, but CJ knows his motivation is pure. He keeps on the windy side of law enforcement by following a few simple rules, the first of which is keep your head down and never be the boss’s right-hand man. People tell him he should get a new job, but he likes working around supers. Besides, except for intimidation and roughing-people-up he doesn’t have any other skills necessary to make rent and pay child support.

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You can read the full press release on Broadway World.

Listen to a podcast interview with Daniel Swenson and Holli Anderson on Dungeon Crawlers Radio.

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This book cover and interior illustrations were done by the amazing John Christian Perkins! Here are a few samples:

Chapter 1


Thug Ch 7

And the full cover art in all its glory!

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